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    What is included in the perfume workshop?
    Perfume Prive Workshop scent expedition begins with a brief history into the deliciously fragrant world of perfume and perfume crafting; guiding you through various base notes and perfume composition. Then you will choose original perfume oils imported from Grasse, France as the make-up of their one-of-a-kind scent. Thereafter they will mix the oils with the help of the Kumanov team until your personalized scent smells like a million bucks and then bottled for take-home. Once your formula has been recorded, you will use the same base to produce your complementing cream while you chat with friends on what you wish to name your fragrance. All supplies are included with this workshop, so budding scent scholars should only bring themselves, a bubbly personality and an eagerness to learn about scent-making.
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    What is the deference between the perfume prive workshop packages?
    The Gold Package is a two hour fun experience which includes hot drinks,while the Platinum and Diamond are three hours and are coming with the complimentary champagne as well.Only with a Diamond package you will have the. unique chance to create, bottle and enclose your very own eau de perfume!!!
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    How long is the museum tour?
    The personallised, .guided tour of the museum normally takes one hour. At the first South African Perfume Museum you can explore an extensive and comprehensive permanent collection that includes antique masterpieces., You’ll also experience engaging, cutting-edge exhibition and workshops that reflect a fresh view of the amazing world of perfume.
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    Can fragrances and cosmetics be purchased at Kumanov Perfumery?
    Yes! You are more than welcome to explore and purchase our exclusive signature range "Le Grand Secret" cosmetic line, not to mention our unique premier aphrodisiac fragrances and pure perfume oils.Faces distinguish you from the rest of the population, provide artists with muses and make cameras feel loved. Reignite the flame between your face and your camera with Le Grand Secret facial cream with a 25ml eye cream.. Your first impression-maker, faces are to humans what gift wrapping is to a present – an often misguided reflection of the parts that lay beneath. If not looked after appropriately, it’s likely that wrinkles will set up camp, and supple, moisture-rich skin will pack up and leave. Like a superhero for faces, Le Grand Secret facial cream is a revolutionary formula said to be laden with numerous facade benefits. Containing the radical crocodile oil, an ingredient with various good vibrations, the cream will leave your skin equipped to take on numerous outings on the town. You also receive a 25ml eye cream with their purchase to keep their ocular ovals in check.