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  1. Our Perfume Prive Workshops
    While few will argue that perfume is an essential part of a women’s beauty routine; many make the mistake of choosing a scent that is wrong for them in so many ways. The wrong perfume choice can turn a free-spirited female into a stuffy aristocrat, a teenage beauty into a jewelry-strewn spinster or a glamorous amazon into Grandma’s closet. Avoid spreading nose pollution and discover your essential scent when you attend a Perfume Privé and Signature Scent Workshop with Kumanov Perfumery. First, explore the depth of your creativity when you create your signature scent by mixing an original formula of pure perfume oils. Imported from Grasse, France, the scents you’ll be working with are brimming with rich history, romance and many- a-famous French wooing. Alert your ears for a brief history of the creation of perfume and follow your lesson with another practical session where you’ll formulate a body cream to go with your original signature scent. So whether you’re looking for a scent to reflect your sensual and vivacious personality, or keen for a soft, flowery fragrance, Kumanov Perfumery have all the desired notes and nuances to create a blend of perfection bottled Concentrated Perfume and a Perfumed Body Cream for you to take home!
  2. Our Mission
    Daniela & Dimo Kumanov established a link between their company and the designers, in order to create for them bespoke and unique scents. We have team of talented perfumers completely devoted to satisfy the demanding needs of couturiers. We are the only perfumery chosen to create signature scents for NBC Universal for the following word famous TV channels like E! Pop of culture, Studio Universal, Style, Telemundo and Universal channel. We also created signature cents for some of the well know South African designers.Kumanov proudly enables others through education in perfumery. We are the only perfumers in Africa who educate and enable others to grow from knowledge to enterprise through lectures and starter packs.
  3. Our Museum
    At the first South African Perfume Museum you can explore an extensive and comprehensive permanent collection that includes antique masterpieces., You’ll also experience engaging, cutting-edge exhibition and workshops that reflect a fresh view of the amazing world of perfume.Dedicated to the primacy of the visitor experience, committed to excellence in every aspect of its collection and workshops, and drawing on both new and traditional tools of communication, interpretation, and presentation, the Museum aims to serve its diverse public as a dynamic, innovative, and welcoming place for learning through the amazing art of perfume.
  4. Our Training Program
    Skills training for poverty reduction Skills development is an essential element in improving the employability and potential productivity of the working poor and can be an important tool for reducing poverty and exclusion and enhancing competitiveness and employability. Education and skills can enable the working poor and vulnerable groups, such as persons in rural communities, persons with disabilities, or disadvantaged youth to escape the vicious circle of inadequate education, poor training, low productivity and poor quality jobs with low wages. Women in these groups typically face additional difficulties or discrimination in accessing good quality training and using it to secure better work. Kumanov Perfumery has developed a body of knowledge on skills development in the informal economy. Currently Kumanov work in the area of skills development for poverty reduction focuses on extending training in rural communities, on upgrading informal apprenticeship systems and meeting the special needs of Africa to improve skills development and employability. The Kumanov Training for Rural Economic Empowerment Programme is a proven platform that assists those working in poor rural communities to build the skills and abilities for employment and income generation. Starting with institutional arrangements and planning among partner organizations at the national and local levels, our programme aims to systematically identify potential economic opportunities at the community level, design and deliver community-based training programmes through local public and private training providers; and provide the necessary post-training support like access to credits and markets. Poverty is a complex and multidimensional phenomenon resulting from structural imbalances in all realms of life - the state, the society, the economy, the culture and the environment - women are disproportionately represented among the poor. Women had greater difficulty in breaking free of poverty given the larger share of family and domestic responsibilities and the existing inequalities in accessing education, training, as well as opportunities in the labor market and decision-making. Kumanov Perfumery believes that eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable development could not be separated from achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women. Our training programme offers many opportunities for transforming the gender values of society towards the promotion of gender equality. Thus, the task is to ensure and sustain the benefits of empowering and skill learning to women.